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Production company JSM Music has launched a new online publication powered by GreenerMags.

The music producer specialises in soundtracks for advertisements and has worked with performers ranging from Kelly Clarkson to LL Cool J.

Now it has created a new online magazine - which it notes is kinder to the environment due to its paper-free format.

Joel Simon, president and founder of JSM Music, says: “This new JSM website is so astonishing.”

“Before one note of our music can be heard, the creative experience for our visitors had already begun visually and interactively,” he adds.

Visitors to the GreenerMags website are given the opportunity to browse the publication by page or simply by dragging it from right to left.


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2 commentaires:

safer cooler greener a dit…

the platform has been updated. See the new articles on http://greenermags.com/frmag

Blogger a dit…

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