Human/Nature Artists

Eight artists participated in Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet. Several qualities were considered in the process of choosing artists for this project, the foremost of which is the strong sense of generosity that comes through in all of the artists’ work, as well as an inherent integrity to their artistic approach. As travelers on a mission, the artists had to negotiate their roles as tourist, explorer, and documentarian, always maintaining a sensitive awareness of their position as outside observers.

Many of the Human/Nature projects involved the active contribution of the inhabitants of the sites, integrating their knowledge, skills, and needs. The result has been a merging of cultural narratives, evident in the works themselves. For example, projects by Ann Hamilton, Xu Bing, Marcos Ramírez ERRE, and Rigo 23, could not have come to life without the participation of the local populations. Mark Dion’s collaboration with the park rangers at his site resulted in a functional intervention at his location that directly responded to their needs. Other artists, such as Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Diana Thater, and Dario Robleto, focused their attention on the disappearing habitats of their sites and the immediate and long-term implications of industrialization, species preservation, and global warming. No matter their approach, rather than didactic responses to environmental crisis, the artists tell the stories of their sites by both exposing and obscuring the complicated imagery, histories, and function of these locations.

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Mixcloud - Re-think radio

Dear friends of Mixcloud,

Thanks for signing up to our beta waiting list, and for your patience while we've been busy building and testing.

The last few months have been crazy but exciting times at Mixcloud HQ. Our DJ beta testers have given us some phenomenal feedback... in fact the buzz has been so great we've attracted the likes of Judge Jules, DJ Zinc, Roundhouse Radio, Luke Solomon and Mason to the site. We're pretty chuffed!

Sign up now!

We're now ready to roll out our beta invites to your good selves. To sign up to Mixcloud and enjoy some of the great mixes and radio shows posted to the site over the past few weeks:

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WatZatSong.com - What's that song? Ask the Music Quiz Community!

Do you have a song stuck in your head but wonder "what's that song"? Record a short sample of the tune online anonymously on WatZatSong. The WatZatSong Community will listen and tell you what song it is! Name that tune!
Are you a music quiz fan? Show that you are the best by naming other member's tunes and climb up the WatZatSong song namers ranking!

beta supa cool check it up

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Science of Music: Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist

Science of Music: Accidental Scientist

What is music? Is birdsong music? How about the tap-tap-tap of a hammer, or the wail of a creaking door? Is playing a garbage can different than playing a drum?

Explore the science of music with us, through these online exhibits, movies, and questions. Along the way, you can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and above all…listen.
online exhibits

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Twitter For Trees: Help Plant 100,000 Trees With U.N.E.P : Ecopreneurist

June 5th is United Nations World Environment Day. The U.N. Environment Programme has setup a twitter campaign called ‘twitter for trees’. All you have to do is ‘follow’ http://twitter.com/unepandyou and they will plant a tree. The goal is to get 100,000 followers by June 5th. That plants 100,000 trees, so lets get started!

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Latest Al Gore update regarding Global Warming

Please take the time to watch the latest Al Gore update regarding Global Warming : speaks for itself... www.youtube.com/watch?v=68H9QtafdpA


Green Porno on Sundance Channel @ the green

Following up the critical and popular success of her 2008 short film series about the sex lives of insects, Isabella Rossellini migrates from the land to the sea in Green Porno 2. Like the first season of Green Porno, this batch of very short films about the reproductive habits of marine animals is scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining. Produced by Isabella Rossellini, Jody Shapiro and Rick Gilbert.

Sundance Channel @ green porno , follow the schedule of the Sundance Film Festival on Sundancechannel.com + schedule!


Le bois sexy -

Coup de coeur arty.
Fan de peinture hyperréaliste et figurative, je suis tombée amoureuse du travail de cette artiste d'origine allemande Susannah Sinclair basée à NY que m'a fait découvrir le producteur, dj et ami ... Busy P aka Pedro Winter sur son blog
CoolCats. Il l'a découverte récemment à Ny et s'est ramené une de ses oeuvres dans son salon parisien. Well done.
La peinture sur bois a quelque chose d'écolo, non ? Surtout quand il s'agit de jolies femmes dénudées (Eve...ou pin up de Vargas) sur des planches brutes....
Elle a exposé en solo à Samson Projects, Boston et New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles. Sinclair était plus récement une des 3 artistes du show "I've Been Setting Fires All Day" at LOYAL au printemps 2007. Voici son premier solo "Eyes For No One" a la Galleri LOYAL, Stockholm

A suivre.

Le Voici du Vert...

Il existe. Le site internet du ragot Green...ecorazzi.com
The latest in Green Gossip. Et hop. Ca parle de Peta, de Di Caprio, de gossips de végétariens, d 'Oprah qui mange KFC, the green porno, kanye West...et blahblah...
Fondé en 2006 par Michael d’Estries d' Ithaca, New York et Rebecca Carter de Miami, FL.
Le gossip des people est une industrie qui rapporte gros. Les gens sont fascinés par la vie intime et les dérapages controlés ou non des stars. Les people eux-memes se matent à travers les magazines qu'ils vomissent..
Que mangent ils, qui voient ils, comment s'habillent ils, ou sortent ils , avec qui , avec qui couchent ils et comment ...La peopolade est devenue un nouveau moyen de parler et faire parler, l'ultime outil promo ragot.
Ecorazzi prend le relais en tentant de relater les bons gestes ecolo et engagés de nos VIP, enfin des VIP americains pour la plupart. Environnement, humanitaire, droits animaliers, lifestyle, Ecorazzi rapporte ce qui pourrait meme elever le debat du people.
Ecorazzi ne se gene pas non plus pour épingler la star qui s'habille en renard et ne trie pas ses poubelles.

A quand le Voivert français.. un nouveau moyen de faire parler et rentabiliser les caisses du média.