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Dear friends of Mixcloud,

Thanks for signing up to our beta waiting list, and for your patience while we've been busy building and testing.

The last few months have been crazy but exciting times at Mixcloud HQ. Our DJ beta testers have given us some phenomenal feedback... in fact the buzz has been so great we've attracted the likes of Judge Jules, DJ Zinc, Roundhouse Radio, Luke Solomon and Mason to the site. We're pretty chuffed!

Sign up now!

We're now ready to roll out our beta invites to your good selves. To sign up to Mixcloud and enjoy some of the great mixes and radio shows posted to the site over the past few weeks:

Go here and click on sign up

Your invite code is:


This code is limited in numbers and valid for the next 7 days only, so sign up now and feel free to pass on to some select friends who you know will appreciate Mixcloud's vision of "Re-thinking Radio".

If you've been lucky enough to get hold of an invite already, 'pologies for the email... why not pass on "mailinglistcloud" to one of yer friends!

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