Toolbox for Sustainable City Living

The Toolbox for Sustainable City Living is a DIY guide for creating locally-based, ecologically sustainable communities in today's cities. Its straightforward text, vibrant illustrations and accessible diagrams explain how urbanites can have local access and control over life's essential resources: food production, water security, waste management, autonomous energy, and bioremediation of toxic soils. Written for people with limited financial means, the book emphasizes building these systems with cheap, salvaged and recycled materials when possible. This book will be an essential tool for transitioning into a sustainable future threatened by the converging trends of global warming and energy depletion.

Topics covered in the book include:

* Aquaculture: ponds, plants, fish and algae
* Microlivestock and city chickens
* Rainwater Harvesting
* Low-tech bioremediation: cleaning contaminated soils using plants, fungi and bacteria
* Constructed Wetlands/ Greywater
* Autonomous energy: bicycle windmills, passive solar
* Biofuels: veggie oil vehicles, methane digesters
* Struggles for land and gentrification
* Humanure and worm composting
* Floating Islands to clean stormwater
* Asphalt removal and air purification

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