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Going out in a trendy club and feel good because you contribute to positive environmental processes, such as generating electricity by dancing and upcycling of waste into decoration. This idea forms the basis for the Sustainable Dance Club. The Sustainable Dance Club is a creative concept of Rotterdam based organizations Enviu – innovators in sustainability and Döll – Atelier voor Bouwkunst.

The Sustainable Dance Club incorporates innovations in the field of sustainable design and applied techniques with social responsibilities in attractive club surroundings. No more counter culturists and moralizing attitudes but sustainability as a positive, young and profitable alternative for a broad target group. The Sustainable Dance Floor will generate electricity from the movements of dancing people. This human powered floor is now being developed in cooperation with the Technical University in Delft and will most likely be the projects’ piece de résistance.

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The Sustainable Dance Club combines contemporary lifestyle with the latest ideas on sustainability. Soon you can generate energy while dancing on the Sustainable Dance Floor and flush the toilet with rainwater. The color of the walls changes without any energy use as a reaction to the heat and you can drink an organic beer near the water basin on the ‘relax roof’. These are just a few examples of what the Sustainable Dance Club can entail. The Sustainable Dance Club is developed as a brand: with time you may find sustainable dance clubs all over the world!

What makes a dance club a sustainable dance club?
Just putting “sustainable” in front of “dance club” does not mean anything by itself, so what actually makes a club (more) sustainable?

* 30% less environmental impact than average clubs
* Sustainability integrated in both building and organisation
* Installation of 3 SDC spectaculars that show sustainability to the public (Sustainable Dance Floor/ Zero Waste Bar/ Waterwall etc)
* Communication plan on how to inform the public about sustainability
* Sustainable business plan with yearly targets and evaluation

Source : Eco-clubbing neural.it
The Dutch agency Enviu, working in collaboration with architects from Dutch company Döll, has been working on a design for an Sustainable Dance Club. This technology, now in use, will enable dance clubs to run at a very low environmental impact and with reduced carbon emissions. This is all possible thanks to a new technology which enables the floor itself to generate electricity through absorbing the energy expressed by the dancing bodies. It works through a system of tiny accumulators, similar to pressure sensors, which are embedded in the floor. The physical energy of a dancer is captured by these sensors and utilized to run the facilities of the club, such as the lighting and speakers. This is just one example in a growing trend of technologies and products which seek to harvest and reuse the energy produced by the human body. Other examples include clothes which, through integrated devices, harness the movement of the human body and translate it into useable electricity. There is also the novel concept of a toilet flushed with human sweat. Increasingly, we will be witness to technologies which function in many ways analogous to parasitic or symbiotic organisms in finding new ways to use our own anatomy.
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ヽ(´ー`)ノ Enjoy the video of the launch of the Sustainable Danceclub concept at off_corso Rotterdam. For more info: sustainabledanceclub.com.

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