Grow A Plant ...

Après Yahoo! Green, voici une application très sympa de Juliana Yamashita basée à Los Angeles.

Juliana est membre de la Team Yahoo Design Innovation, le laboratoire des futures interfaces du web, un projet qui présente les travaux et recherches des meilleurs jeunes designers chez Yahoo! Design Innovation

She said :
“I am most interested in exploring alternative ways of displaying data from Yahoo's network. By looking at the data from different perspectives, unexpected activity patterns and user's interests can emerge, which in turn can inspire new products and interfaces.”

Grow A Plant :
“Along with sharing messages and photos, people naturally share drawings and sketches. This experiment is an exploration of how offering enhanced drawing tools and a quick way to share your work might make this kind of social media more fun.

Du ''flower power'' à tester pour envoyer des petites fleurs et de la bonne humeur :)

@}-,--'-- Grow A Plant

Source: Selecweb.fr Web 2.0

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