Poodwaddle is constantly creating new Flash programs, most of which are offered free to anyone.


In case you are wondering, the word poodwaddle is not in the dictionary. A friend created the word and used it when he could not think of the right word and in place of expletives. When considering names for this site it was the first word that came to mind. Thanks Tom.

My name is Shane. This site is my brainchild, hobbie, baby, headache, and family run business. I have no staff or office. I don't even own a good suit. I am just a solo lunatic dodging manual labor by punching keys for a living.

For the future I plan great things for Poodwaddle, but my personal goals are loftier. I intend to use the proceeds of this site to found a charity in Central America. God has blessed me and I will use his gifts for His glory and for His children. I will write more about my charity plans and progress at another time and on another page.

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