The DANGER GLOBAL WARMING Project is supported by people that want to use their creative energy to raise awareness of climate change, including artists, film makers, designers, photographers, musicians, writers, actors and more....

Artists remixing the Danger Global Warming theme track include: 4hero, Adventure Kid, Afrika Bambaataa, Angels & Agony, Bingo Gazingo, Biosphere, The Blacksmoke Organisation, Bootslinger, CJ Bolland, DJ Bungle, Bong Ra, Coldcut, Hugh Cornwell, Go Home Productions, Deadbeat, Thomas Dolby, DJ Dolores, Alec Empire, Magne F, Michael Fakesch (Funkstörung), Bill Frisell, Freeform Five, John Fryer, Goldfrapp, Ryoji Ikeda, Al Jourgensen, Junkie XL, Ki:Theory, Kill Memory Crash, Layo & Bushwacka!, Licky, Graham Massey, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Micronauts, Mint Royale, Múm, Paul Mac, Clint Mansell, Photek, DJ Pierre, Plaid, Pressure Drop, The Saturday Club, Rabia Sorda, States of Shame ( Pete Lazonby & David Delgado ), David E. Sugar, Sundealers, Super Stoned ( Black Sifichi & Norsq ), System7, Steven Severin, Peter Stormare, Tipsy, Trentemøller, Andrew WK, Yello, Yonderboi, and YOU!!!

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