Sustainable Design with Françoise Serralta

Icon-o-Cast by Lunar: Francoise Serralta at Digging Deeper

Françoise Serralta is seen here speaking at the “Digging Deeper” Event hosted by the IDSA in SF last summer (graciously captured for us by the folks at Lunar Design). She is the strategic research and planning director with PeclersParis.

Finished with ideologies and utopian warrior visions on ecology and a perfect world, Françoise is preaching one thing:


In her presentation she gives us five main messages on sustainability:

1. Shift from negative to positive semantics in our vocabulary
2. Bioperformance -Applying renewable, natural, and biomimicked processes to our consumer world
3. Pared-down and simplified design
4. Collaborative design for local solutions
5. Assistive design to make sustainable solutions easy to adopt.

via Melodies in Marketing Authentic Green Marketing & Sustainable Product Development

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