ECO HEROES by Susanne Husky

Created by Suzanne Husky, Eco Heroes is a series of photographs, texts and drawings documenting environmentally related actions and ideas that take place in the domestic intimacy of the urban and sub-urban garden. The project will take form as a book and website.

Urban and sub-urban garden ideas / Idees pour jardin urbain et de banlieue

An inventory of urban and suburban sustainable ideas and the people behind them. Disobeying the suburban aesthetic laws for common sense, locavorism, human footprint reduction. Escaping consumerism by saving seeds, making your own honey, compost, houses etc....


Buy the new Eco Heroes book here.
Description : Eat Bay (Area) environmental activist that invent sustainable systems in their back yards. Pedal wash machines, living roofs, lead absorbing mushrooms...

On Exhibition September 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008 at ''SOEX''
San Francisco Southern Exposure

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