Champagne Bottle Vase

After the success of the recycled glassware range made from beer and soft drink bottles, the designer turned his thoughts to the more decadent Champagne bottle and came up with this simple and attractive flower vase design.The Champagne bottles are collected from bars and restaurants in the West End of London and then taken to the workshop where they are cut and polished by hand before being transformed into vases.

As the bottles are re-used rather than recycled, the production process is a very energy efficient one saving up to 90% of the energy used compared to when glass is recycled.

Please note: We do not recommend washing the vases in dishwashers.

* Dimensions:
* Height - 175mm
* Width at base - 85mm
* Width at neck - 60mm

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2 commentaires:

Katia Pecnik a dit…

Pour la peine, on trinque.

Alice a dit…

Champagne bottles opened for special event that I want to remember are turned into candlestick. I write date and event and plant a candle on the neck! The wax dresses gradually bottle (bohemian gothic mixed style!) and it makes me smile every time I use it ;-)