Paris to Launch Subscription Electric Car Sharing Service

From buildings to airports, Paris is looking towards greening up.

And now, Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë announced last week that by the end of 2009, Parisians can expect to see about 4,000 electric cars throughout the city that will be available for rent through a sharing service called Autolib.

Similar to the city’s bike* sharing service Vélib’, these EVs will be available for pick-up and delivery at 700 spots around the city. Users can hop online to specify where they’ll return the car, and they’ll be guaranteed a parking spot in that location. The subscription service would cost about $390 a month, with a 60 mile-per-day limit – pricy but considering the cost of owning, maintaining, parking, and filling up a car with fuel in a busy city, the price and mileage both seem reasonable.

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* correctif : l'auteur (Written by Jaymi Heimbuch) indiquait ''electric bike''...

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