Personal jet packs

Qui voyage en fusée, voyage rusé...

FUTURISTIC jet packs could be sold to the masses as early as next year, with a company already taking orders for "personal flying machines".

Jet Pack International in the US is planning to release a $226,060 jet pack next year which could travel 16km without refuelling, the Fortune Small Business magazine reported.

Pre-orders for the T-73 Turbine Jet Pack were being taken by the company, who would also teach buyers how to fly them.

Watch a demo:

Company chief executive Troy Widgery told the magazine that the joy of flying should not just be experienced by stuntmen.

"We are developing a consumer model... our dream is to make this affordable to the average person," Mr Widgery said.
"Everyone wants things to evolve to the point of The Jetsons, and I think it could.
"I could see (consumers) flying from work to home, within a certain limit."
JPI engineer John Hewatt said the consumer model would be easier to fly than the stunt models.
"We've come up with the turbine version, which is more user friendly and safer to fly," Mr Hewatt said.

Perso, j'opte pour la nouvelle turbine et vous ?

Bon voyage (s) au pluriel ...

Comment réagir d'un point de vue écologique à cette innovation ?

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