World’s First Interactive Wedding Clothes...On the scenic coast of Skåne in Sweden overlooking the Baltic Sea a Swedish Couple became Husband and Wife wearing the first ever Interactive Wedding outfits!

The Happy CoupleThe The ‘Kiss Me!’ gown and suit, designed by CuteCircuit specifically for the occasion, are made of pure Indian Silk in vibrant colors of emerald green and sapphire blue. The design of the garments was derived from the unique personality of the couple, environmentally friendly and smart, and included features such as being reversible and reconfigurable. And at the dramatic conclusion of the ceremony, when the happy couple kissed, two messages containing before unspoken love words were passed from one to the other (one from him to her, and one from her to him). The messages are shown only to the couple through a miniscule display integrated inside the trim of the clothes for absolute romantic-secrecy.

Based on the technology from the Secret Message Glove the clothes contain no hard wires, only soft comfortable smart fabrics. Additionally all the ‘intelligent parts’ run at low-power, reducing their size and energy consumption and all the components are lead and mercury free so that the happy couple can live longer and in a cleaner world.

Magnus shows his movesAlso in the interest of sustainability- because wedding clothes are often used only once and later sit gathering closet-dust, the clothes are transformable and can be worn many times again. The train of the gown is removable, so that it can be transformed into a regular skirt for other less formal occasions, and the skirt can be worn inside out for a change of color. The man’s jacket however does not have removable parts, but will be useful to command respect when worn in various future meetings aboard pirate ships.

You can also see pictures of the ceremony- See Kiss Me! in action ;) on CUTE CIRCUIT

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