"Meanwhile, what is to be done to get there? Above all, never make transportation an issue by itself. Always connect it to the problem of the city, of the social division of labour, and to the way this compartmentalises the many dimensions of life. One place for work, another for 'living,' a third for shopping, a fourth for learning, a fifth for entertainment. The way our space is arranged carries on the disintegration of people that begins with the division of labour in the factory. It cuts a person into slices, it cuts our time, our life, into separate slices so that in each one you are a passive consumer at the mercy of the merchants, so that it never occurs to you that work, culture, communication, pleasure, satisfaction of needs, and personal life can and should be one and the same thing: a unified life, sustained by the social fabric of the community."

The Social Ideology of the Motorcar By André Gorz - 1973

Sur la page d'accueil de son site, l'artiste Alexandre Orion fait référence à cet ouvrage pour présenter son projet ART LESS POLLUTION - OSSARIO.
"Never make transportation an issue by itself."
La réalisation de ce graffiti dans un tunnel crasseux de Sao Paulo est sa contribution à l'objectif.
Un tableau noir fait de pollution sur les murs.
Un chiffon dans une main et un seau dans l'autre....

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