Patagonia's DIY shoe

Patagonia's DIY shoe was Launched on US website www.patagonia.com in February 2007
for $30.00 (Style No. 79493)

"The DIY shoe satisfies our creative urges and reflects Patagonia’s mission to leave a minimal environmental footprint---regardless of one’s shoe size.

Rooted in explorations of sustainable production and the elimination of waste, Patagonia’s DIY shoe addresses powerful contemporary needs and trends: the do-it-yourself craft, the customization movement, and the desire to leave a minimal footprint on the Earth. Our DIY shoe is somewhat reminiscent of the moccasin kits we all had as kids, but it's made from leather scraps left on the floor of manufacturing facilities. Distinctive and easy-to-assemble (about one hour per shoe) and requiring no glue or tools, DIY shoes provide both maximum comfort and ample opportunity for personal expression. Colors may vary."

Made from leather scraps - Easy to assemble...
© Patagonia, 2007

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