A little bit of self promotion, but for some good reasons...
Invited by WAD magazine ( myspace.com/wadmagazine ), to be their guest chief editor of the new issue (WAD#33), I've devoted one green recycled folder to environment.
Inspired by an interactive and funky way to be "green", all of you are invited to send your vintage and second hand tee-shirts to WAD magazine, to be then recycled and be part of the process of a very limite edition of shirts, sold exclusively at colette shop, from the 21rst of July. (sold also on eshops : colette and wesoldout )
This limited edition of T is called WWP (WinterWadPas), in collaboration with PAS (Malibu) brand, owned by Pierre-André Senizergues, one of the most eco active CEO , owner of the urban skateboarding company called Sole Technology.
You can send Tshirts to WAD from now.
The concept is : Recycled tee-shirts, made from your own shirts. Slogans on the name of music and green as "Pump up the green", "god save the green"...
5% of profits sent to Green Cross ( Green Cross France )
New Editions of WWP will be available in september.
( myspace.com/thewintertainment )
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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