This is an important time. The first time. The first page.
Like a virgin, touched for the very first time.
The Blog. Our own place. Your own place. Secretly opened. Seen by anyone, everyone from now.

First word, first message, first step...to say WELCOME, WE INVITE YOU TO MEET AND GREET THE GREEN DREAM TEAM.
Through this Blog, I would love me and my friends to share our passion, our time, our experience, our strength and weakness, our knowledge, our doubts, our pictures and words, all about a greener better stronger sweeter world. We believe in Funkyness. We believe in Entertainment. We love clubbing, music, arts, movies, fashion, cooking, doing nothing or too much, sleeping, traveling, chocolate and tofu. We want to share our trust in the Green Dream.. naively, truly, sincerely.
Green is not a new trend, a marketing tool, a temporary hobby.
Green is not a dictature. Not a new diktat of life.
No fear, no stress, no guiltiness, no moral lesson.

GREEN DREAM TEAM is from now : a crew, an opened space, a virtual magazine, one million projects mixing words, interviews, images, music, videos, arts, recipes... indoor and outdoor of the Blog. From Paris to anywhere else.
From now, keep connected to THE GREEN DREAM TEAM and be part of our trip.


Do you ?

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